Cooking and creativity

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We love to explore how food brings us together and reinforces who we are.

If you think about it, cooking is what makes us human (we are the only species that cooks its food!).

And when human beings thrive: they create, they innovate. They use their senses to make art.

We found the article of Kim Severson in the New York Times on March 7, 2016 “Questlove’s Latest Quest: Bringing Chefs Together” very compelling.

Questlove’s passion for music and food shines through the creative pursuit. “There is no difference between the music you listen to and the food you eat,” Mr. Samuelsson said. “The emotions are the same. They are both a narrative.”

Are you inspired by food? Tell us how you think the joy of cooking brings up your creative side?

Why share lunch with coworkers?


Take a break. Relax. It’s lunch time. Leave your computer and phone on your desk and share a special moment with your colleagues. They need it as much as you.

Check this inspiring post to change your work habits.

Here is the article!

We challenge you to grab lunch with a coworker this week and truly take some time for yourself. Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

The importance of eating together


Believe us, these moments are valuable. Take the time to enjoy them and you’ll see for yourself.

Check out this testimony that remind us how vital are these instants.

Here is the article!

Tell us why you enjoy so much to eat with friends and family.


Living a zero-waste life


Start it now! Zero-Waste is not a legend, it has to be our reality.

Check the interview and follow Lauren Singer lifestyle. Do it not only for yourself, but for the nature and the future generations.

Here is the article!

Share with us your ideas and advice on how to start a brand new way of living through zero-waste.

Ocean: origin of life, engine of climate.

ocean-05Let’s be inspired by the ocean. We need it: The master of the world, the Big Blue, in all its glory.

Check out this brand new video on, starring Mr. Harrison Ford, talking about his new best friend, loyal, faithful but relentless.

Here is the article!

Share with us your feelings and reactions on this amazing video!


“A French portion is half of an American portion, and a French meal takes twice as long to eat. You do the math.” – Lunch in Paris


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