Storm from Storm Ritter Studio – #madeon8thstreet

Can you introduce yourself and your store?

My name is Storm Ritter and my store’s name is Storm Ritter studio. We do unisex clothing; everything is one of a kind, it is either digitally printed, hand painted or screen printed and we also do custom work.


What brought you to 8th street and what do you like about 8th street?

8th Street has an amazing history, and I was able to work with the NY studio school (my landlord) a great deal to create my own studio.

What is your passion?

I love food. Besides that, my passion is my work. I am definitely a workaholic. My cat, Velvet (make sure you follow her @sutdiocatvelvet), is my last passion for sure. I do a lot for her and she is with us all the time. Basically, I can take her everywhere with me, so it is like the dream job.


 What do you like about Ancolie? What is your favorite thing?

Everything. First, the jars are fantastic, not only because the salads are great, but also because I can reuse them to make and store my paint. I also like the chocolate chip cookie with the salt on it, and the turmeric lattes, my new favorite!

What is your favorite store in the neighborhood?

That’s tough… I don’t know… mine! Kidding 😉 I would say Eva’s; it is the best, it has been here since forever. The food is delicious, the guy took all the photos inside and there are all like different icons from the village. It’s health food, they have a kind of health center in the back.

Do you have any recommendation for Ancolie? Things you would like to see on the menu?

You would need like a mirror on the wall, or some art, it would add a little color. Maybe, small dessert in jars!

How would you reuse your jars?

Obviously to make paint! I think make up would also be a great way to use it.


Thank you Storm for the interview ! We love our community of such amazing and inspiring people on 8th Street ❤

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Dino from Barre3 – madeon8thstreet

Can you introduce yourself and your store?

My name is Dino. I work for Barre 3, which is a boutique fitness studio fitting into the barre category. This is the first one in NYC, there are 130 across the country. We are a movement class, we empower you to listen to your body, to build a deeper mind-body connection and to make you a more productive person for the other 23 hours of your day. Barre is complementary workout to any other type of fitness that you do.

What brought you to 8th street and what do you like about 8th street?

Well, what brought us to 8th Street was the relationship that one of our investors had with Liquiteria downstairs, they wanted to do like a fitness spot on top of the juicery. West 8th Street is incredible because it still has a really small kind of community vibe into it. There is a tight network of businesses and neighbors that do things together and that neighborhood vibe translates along the entire street. So, if you walk into any of the cafés, or bars, restaurants, workout studios, that same vibes is alive everywhere.

What is your passion?

My passion is Barre3, I stumbled upon it when I was 24, I am now 27. I have never been happier, mostly because I found my true north: I found a place where I not only do well but also where I am appreciated for what I do.

What is your favorite local store in the area?

If you like photography, Lomography is a great place. If you are the kind of person who likes sitting and people watching, Ancolie is a good place for that. If you want to do that in front of a fireplace, The Marlton Hotel is good for that too. But honestly, this entire neighborhood is filled with little magical spots, you have to keep your eyes peeled for, because there are lots of tiny spots that worth the stop.

What do you like about Ancolie? What is your favorite thing?

One thing that I love is that you are just a tinny little thing and the message that you have is so solid. I don’t feel like you are trying to be a million different things. You own in on your product and you focus on making what you do really good, in the same way that we do at Barre3. It comes from all the ingredients that you use, to the flavors that you do, everything is simple and nutritious. The best part about it is that is nice harmony with what we do here at Barre 3, it’s aligned with the fell that we need to work this body on tip top form all the time. Concerning food: my favorite thing is this grain bowl with chicken, that is amazing!

How would you reuse your jar?

If I had a jar, because I usually like to get them back to you, I will repot plants in there. They serve purpose for everything. If I’ll prep my meal, I’ll prep in there, but since I don’t and that I just have to cross the street…

Thank you Dino for the Interview! We love our 8th Street ❤

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Ancolie x Package Free

The Package Free shop is the first zero-waste lifestyle pop-up store of the US! It is the genius idea of Lauren Singer (Trash Is For Tossers) and the fashion designer Daniel Silverstein (a.k.a zero waste daniel). They opened a store where you can find everything that you need to live a zero-waste lifestyle, ranging from reusable stainless straws, compostable toothbrush to refillable dental floss. You can also find a range of daniel’s clothes, made of discarded textiles collected in US factories. Besides, our two founders will offer workshops to teach customers the necessary skills to live this incredible lifestyle, like sewing or soap-making.

It was an honor to be catering for their private launch party in Brooklyn last Saturday Earth Day! Thank you so much Lauren and Daniel for making the low-waste lifestyle simple, fun and sexy!

The store opens May, 1st at 137 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY!

#thinkoutsidethebox #giveashit


New York Is The Most Wasteful Megacity In The World

Bad news: New York is the most wasteful megacity in the world! It produces 3.8 million tons of residential trash plus 4 million tons of business trash per year which represent 21,000 tons A DAY! And apart from being ubiquitous on our sidewalks, it is also very very expensive: $2.3 billion paid to waste management companies in NYC.

Where does it end up? 76% of our trash is exported to landfills in the New York metropolitan area.

What composes our trash? 33% recycling, 37% garbage and 30% organic!

Let’s focus on organic waste, which is a major issue for restaurants like us. It pollutes by sitting and rotting in closed plastic bags on landfills. Lack of oxygen makes it breaks down into methane, which is very very harmful to the environment, trapping 25 times more heat than carbon dioxide.

At Ancolie, we take two steps to avoid this abomination. First, we try to use 100% of our ingredients: we make apple crisps with the skins of the apple we use in our compote, we make soup with sad looking vegetables, and bone broth with chicken leftovers. Second, we collect carefully our food scraps into buckets delivered twice a week by Common Ground Compost to a community garden nearby.

You too, you can make a difference! Step 1: keep all your food scraps either in a bucket on your kitchen counter, or freeze them (watch Lauren Singer’s to compost everywhere!). Step 2: set up your own compost in your backyard or find the closest drop off location here (if you like to shop at Union Square Market for example, they have a pick up there)


Stay positive! We are moving in the right direction! The city created OneNYC with the dream to send zero waste to landfills by 2030. One of their goals is to get organic bins for every household in the New York metropolitan area. In the meantime, we hope this post inspired you to take the extra step for your organic waste.

Go check this amazing Brothers Brussel’s video for more details !!!


Sustainable Restaurants Near NYU Campus – Washington Square News

By Sydney Ernstberger

“Living in New York City and going to NYU means that you are surrounded by great food, but do you know where this food comes from?” Washington Square News tries to help NYU students to find good and responsible places to eat and … they talked about us!

“This on-the-go, French-inspired restaurant serves locally sourced items exclusively in reusable glass jars. They use non-GMO ingredients and do not use any additives. All of their food scraps are composted.”

Read the article right here!

We hope to see a lot of NYU students at the store soon!



The surprising lessons I learned from eating like a Frenchwoman for a week – Well + Good

By Emily Laurence, April 6, 2017

“If a Parisian can maintain a glowing complexion and a clean bill of health while still enjoying rich foods on the reg, why can’t I? So I decided to give my diet a complete 180, eat like a French woman for a week, and see how it would affect me. (Hey, it’s a tough job, but all in the name of journalism.)

To get some insight into the Gallic way of eating, I called Ancolie restaurant owner Chloe Vichot, a New York transplant by way of France. For Vichot, the first meal of the day is heavy in carbs, sugar, and caffeine. (Gasp!)”

Do you want to see how this journalist felt about eating like Ancolie’s owner for 7 days? Read the entire article right here.

Thank you Well + Good for this funny article! And really sorry for making you sick!


Good news, April is Earth Month, featuring the well-known earth day on April, 22nd. We couldn’t be more happy 😉

But for us, it’s earth month every month: we consistently work hard on our practices to reduce our impact on the environment and do the best for our community:

  • We source all our ingredients carefully. We work with the closest farmers available.
  • We reuse our glass jars, and only buy compostable utensils, cups and napkins.
  • We try to be creative to use 100% of our ingredients (soups, apple crisps made with apple skin, chicken broth…) and compost our food scraps.
  • The store furniture is second-hand.

These are only a few exemples of what we do to be sustainable. We worked with the Green Restaurant Association that guided us through the process and gave us a 4 stars rating (the highest rating!) We are one of the three restaurants in New York to have the 4 stars YEEAAAHHH! Check our grade and more details here.

Happy Earth Month!