What does Fast Fashion mean to you?



Do you find yourself blankly staring into your closet, thinking, “I have nothing to wear!!”

Do you continue to toss out clothes that you feel just “aren’t you”?

It may be time to break your fast fashion habit, and focus on clothing that is good for the planet, and more valuable to you in the long term. 

Buying clothing that is more expensive (yet in your budget) will help you make better decisions about clothing you actually like, and will like in the long term. It should also be of higher quality, making it last longer, as well.

Fast Fashion is an industry that capitalizes on cheaper clothing, making it available at more frequent times throughout the year.

Fast Fashion contributes to textile waste, because we throw it out when it isn’t fashionable anymore.

It also contributes to toxic waste, water pollution due to the dyes used, and the use of polyester fabric. Polyester when washed, sends micro particles of plastic into our water system. This harms sea animals, and eventually the humans who consume those animals.

Cotton grown for clothing, is usually treated with pesticides, which harms the growers, and the planet.

So, what can we do?

  1. Stop buying fast fashion and put your hard earned money towards quality clothing
  2. Do not buy polyester, and only buy organic or recycled cotton
  3. Mend clothing that has become damaged
  4. Donate or recycle clothing that cannot be mended
  5. Organize a swap event with your friends where everyone brings one or two pieces of clothing and leaves with something new!
  6. Buy second hand at a thrift store and give a second life to an original piece

Mother Earth, your budget, your closet and YOU, mind body and soul, will thank you!