Summering Sustainably


Photo by Juliet Taylor


Seven Steps to a Sustainable Summer


  1. When you’re preparing for your day…


Always fill up and bring your reusable water bottle to stay hydrated!

Find one that you love to use, and you will always remember it!

Here is one of our favorites:


  1. When you leave your house or apartment…

Turn off the Air Conditioning!

Two tons of carbon dioxide are omitted by every home with an A/C every year¹

Do your part to cut down on these omissions and use A/C consciously


  1. When traveling to work…

Walk or bike to work, why take the subway?

It is a great form of exercise, too!


4. When you’re buying sunscreen…

Conventional sunscreen puts harmful chemicals in your body and in our oceans

We will spare you all the gorey details, but read on here plus find recommendations for awesome, eco-friendly sunscreen options


5. When you’re going grocery shopping…

Farmer’s Markets are a great way to find locally sourced produce!

Check out the nearest one and make an errand into a fun and sustainable activity and don’t forget your reusable bag!


6. When you’re going to the beach or park…

Pack snacks from the bulk section, or Ancolie, in reusable containers

So often we can go to plastic-packaged goods when we go to the beach or park but Ancolie, and others make it so easy not to

Ask us about our summer meals to carry with you to the airport, bus or train (with a small isotherm bag, one salad and one dessert in a jar)


7. When you’re going on vacation…

Little versions of conventional drugstore products can be cute.. but not when you think about the harm they do to our planet

Check out stores like and find metal containers from for bar soaps of every kind that you can bring along on your trip



¹The Sustainability Cooperative