Ancolie at Home

We know the journey to zero waste is a hard one, but it is worth it!

To help you, we put together a list of ways you can stay sustainable while at home.

Living this way is fun, inspiring, and requires some inventiveness!

We’ve found the majority of waste comes from the bathroom and the kitchen.


The Bathroom

  1. Use bar face wash, soap, shampoo and conditioner to cut down on plastic bottles
  2. If you run out of your liquid hand soap, or body wash, go to a grocery store and refill it with bulk soap instead of tossing your plastic container!
  3. Use a bamboo toothbrush
  4. For toothpaste, we love Bite Toothpaste. It comes in a glass bottle as little tablets you chew with water to make the paste yourself!
  5. Dental lace! no more plastic boxes of floss for us

The Kitchen

  1. Running out of cleaning spray? Simply take the peels of 2 oranges, put into an Ancolie jar and top off with white vinegar. Wait for two weeks, then strain and put the liquid into a spray bottle and you are ready to go!
  2. You don’t need paper towels. Unpaper towels work perfectly fine!
  3. Food waste: use ALL of the fruit or vegetable, even the skins. At Ancolie, we take edible apple skins and dry them into chips. They are delicious and low calorie. What can you think of?
  4. Compost and recycle the rest, of course!
  5. Purchase items in bulk, or glass jars so you can reuse!


How do you stay sustainable? Any tips to share with us? We would love to hear from you!


Summering Sustainably


Photo by Juliet Taylor


Seven Steps to a Sustainable Summer


  1. When you’re preparing for your day…


Always fill up and bring your reusable water bottle to stay hydrated!

Find one that you love to use, and you will always remember it!

Here is one of our favorites:


  1. When you leave your house or apartment…

Turn off the Air Conditioning!

Two tons of carbon dioxide are omitted by every home with an A/C every year¹

Do your part to cut down on these omissions and use A/C consciously


  1. When traveling to work…

Walk or bike to work, why take the subway?

It is a great form of exercise, too!


4. When you’re buying sunscreen…

Conventional sunscreen puts harmful chemicals in your body and in our oceans

We will spare you all the gorey details, but read on here plus find recommendations for awesome, eco-friendly sunscreen options


5. When you’re going grocery shopping…

Farmer’s Markets are a great way to find locally sourced produce!

Check out the nearest one and make an errand into a fun and sustainable activity and don’t forget your reusable bag!


6. When you’re going to the beach or park…

Pack snacks from the bulk section, or Ancolie, in reusable containers

So often we can go to plastic-packaged goods when we go to the beach or park but Ancolie, and others make it so easy not to

Ask us about our summer meals to carry with you to the airport, bus or train (with a small isotherm bag, one salad and one dessert in a jar)


7. When you’re going on vacation…

Little versions of conventional drugstore products can be cute.. but not when you think about the harm they do to our planet

Check out stores like and find metal containers from for bar soaps of every kind that you can bring along on your trip



¹The Sustainability Cooperative

Getting to Simply Less Waste

Getting to zero waste is hard, but just getting to less waste can be complex, too.


So, we decided to break things down into simple concepts that can help change the way we all think about waste.

How can you contribute to a circular economy, you ask?

Here are five helpful tips adapted from Kathryn Kellogg

  1. Learn to say no to more “stuff”



If you are offered something, an “extra” anything: a goody bag, or a water bottle, just say No!

These are things you do not need. This is just “stuff”

“The easiest way to prevent waste from leaving your home is to keep it from entering your home” – Kathryn Kellogg


  1. Reduce possessions

Many of us are lucky enough to have more than we need, and even more than we want. Donating extra belongings will not only make your home feel better, more simplified and zen but it will give to people in need.

The KonMari method from Marie Kondo is an amazing way to de-clutter your life.

Start today. We promise it will change your life if you follow the instructions. (We just did it for the second time and have donated 4 bags filled with clothing)

Really helpful tips for getting started here


  1. Reuse items whenever possible (hint: Ancolie jars)

The best advice we got from Lauren Singer @trashisfortosser is to go step by step. You cannot switch all your disposable to reusable in one day. Wait until you run out of something and try to replace it with a reusable option. Try these two websites for great items: Life Without Plastic, or Package Free Shop or even better go to the physical Package Free store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Is it beautiful? Is it glass, wood or metal? Use it, then use it, then use it, and use it again.

No more tissues, water bottles, paper towels, anything plastic.

Use cloth napkins instead of tissues and paper towels. You might miss them for a day or two, and then you learn to use the alternatives with ease!

Use glass or metal water bottles instead of plastic (since we now know plastic seeps into the water itself)

Always checks to see if there is an item available secondhand instead of buying it new.


  1. Compost food scraps

When you don’t compost, food that could be returned to the earth goes into landfills 😦

Does your neighborhood support composting?

Here are food scrap collection locations in New York

And another one,


  1. Recycle!

It’s the same as with compost, when we don’t recycle, those precious reusable materials go into our landfills.

Here is more information on residential recycling in New York

Request a site visit for the city to review your recycling program


Here’s to living “less waste”, guilt-free and happy!

How We Became Carbon Neutral And Why It Matters

What’s Happening Today

Mike Burton

How we choose to live our lives has a direct impact on the CO2 levels in our atmosphere which contribute to climate change. This affects people across the world, from extreme weather, to their health, and access to food and water (


The Real Deal

We don’t mean to be alarmist but climate change is REAL and a BIG DEAL. Now, what are we doing about it? Ancolie has become a carbon neutral restaurant. Through sustainable practices in the restaurant, and by offsetting emissions, Ancolie has zero impact on CO2 levels in the atmosphere. That’s right, zero.Nasa

How We Became Carbon Neutral

CO2logic, an independent climate advisory organization calculated our Carbon Footprint to determine what it would take to become carbon neutral. Here are the facts:

  • By using reusable glass jars, we have avoided sending almost one metric ton of CO2 into the atmosphere
  • Our reusable jars have also prevented half a ton of plastic waste from being disposed into the environment
  • By using green electricity, LED bulbs and energy-efficient fridges, we have stopped 13.4 metric tons of CO2 from being created by the burning of fossil fuels

Our ask of you: how can you leverage these tips and implement them into your home?

Our final hurdle was the emissions produced by the team’s commuting, business travel of one trip, and delivery transporation which represent the majority of Ancolie’s footprint, 7 metric tons.


CO2 neutrality was achieved by calculating, reducing and offsetting the remaining emissions. The offsetting was done by by funding 8 efficient cookstoves, helping several families in Uganda who would otherwise be using wood fires, leading to deforestation. This is unique project to CO2 logic and we are so proud to contribute to this cause.


“Climate change is not only a local but also a global problem, we reduce our CO2 emissions here and offset the remaining emissions in developing countries that cannot finance these improvements.” – CO2logic

We believe that the problem of climate change is the responsibility of both individuals and businesses. We are truly passionate and excited to continue this journey with you all!


Photos and Graphs by Mike Burton, NASA’s Global Climate Change Website and CO2 Logic, respectively

The 10 Best Cafés in Greenwich Village, Manhattan by The Culture Trip

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.15.43 AM

By Julia Goicochea Updated: 5 July 2017

Home to Washington Square Park, independent shops, and an array of iconic New York City landmarks, Manhattan’s Greenwich Village boasts a lot to see and do. A remnant of the area’s heyday as a hub for bohemians and beatniks, the West Village also hosts a thriving coffee shop scene. Next time your caffeine-craving kicks in (and you know it will), enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up at one of these 10 local cafés.

Guess who is #2… keep on reading here

Pops from Goods For The Study – #madeon8thstreet

Can you introduce yourself and your store?

I am Pops and I manage the pen area for Goods For The Study. My thing is basically fountain pens!

What is your passion?

I think is getting to know people. For instance, they are like my family here. I like to take care of them, whether it is bringing treats or hanging out with them after work. We practically live together and interact 24/7, so I think it’s important to maintain this kind of relationship and being there for them.


What do you like about 8th street?

There is a lot to like about it. I haven’t really had the chance to visit everyone yet, I still make my way around. There is a really cool fashion shop down the street called Shop Untitled; it is all black and white and people are super nice. The store across the street is also pretty cool; Mountain Side craft. I walked in and bought a nice scarf there, the owner is really nice too.

What is your favorite store in the neighborhood if you would recommend something to someone?

You guys for sure, because your store is clean and comfortable. It’s the kind of store that it’s hard to notice but every time customers ask for a coffee shop, I always direct them to you. I also really like Lifethyme, the organic shop on the corner.

What do you like about Ancolie? What is your favorite thing?

Besides from you [Chloe] and the people that work there, the quality of your products. For example, the turmeric latte is my new obsession right now. I also love your cranberry cookie and your soups, especially the split pea mint soup.

How would you reuse your jar?

By filling with another cup of coffee or boiled tea. In the store we also use it as a granola container.

Do you have any recommendation for Ancolie? Things you would like to see on the menu?

I would love to see a sandwich. I think that I came in one day thinking that you guys have it and I realized “oh no there is no sandwich!”. It could be anything and the bread that comes with the soup would be perfect. Something simple, like goat cheese and Spanish ham, that is all you need.

Thank you people from 8th Street for being so supportive! Community is everything! We love our 8th Street!